February 22

Why I Should Be In The SRC


Dear Class

Hello I have written this piece because I want to have a chance to be on the SRC. I have heard that being on the SRC is a very responsible job and requires people to say their ideas. In this piece I will give you a few reasons why I should be in the SRC and some information about me.

My Responsibility and organisation

People can rely on me such as, parents, teachers and friends because I am responsible and organised. After school I have a schedule for my chores that I do every day. Most of the time I think ahead and make the right choices. I help kids that are younger then me when I am at Slovak school (which is where I go to get better at my language)

My Leadership

As you already know I go to a place called Slovak school over the weekend. Me and my cousin Emma are the helpers there. We help the little kids spell and pronounce words that they don’t understand. We help them learn the moves of our cultural dancing too.

My Confidence

Lastly I think I am confident most of the time and have a clear voice when I am speaking. My mum really helps me with my confidents because she does a lot of speeches for her work and used to be a teacher for adults. In fact, she listened to me when I was practising this speech and gave me advice of things I could work on.


I hope you now understand why I should be a SRC and thank you for listening my SRC speech and I hope you liked it.


February 7

Why you are lucky to have me in your class

Hi you probably already know me, I am Tiana. Today I will be writing a piece that shows you why  you are luck y to have me in your class.

Firstly                                                                                                                                       I could probably solve your problems that you have with your friends if you ask me. Because at my old school I helped my friend/ Natalia solve a problem that she had with my other friend/Gemma. The next day they were playing together again.

Secondly                                                                                                                                 Honestly, I think I have really good ideas and a creative mind in organisation. Because at home I have these plastic medium sized draws and before I got them they were in bad shape. They were dirty and some of them were a little cracked. So I took them home. I cleaned them and glued the ones that were cracked. Now I use them as pencil organises.

Lastly                                                                                                                                 I have pretty good hand writing so if you need help with that you could come to me because when I was at my little cousins house/Tina’s. We were writing letters to people and her handwriting was messy so I helped her write it again.

well I hope that helps you and if you’re having trouble with any of those things ask me and I could help you.


February 7

Blog intro

Hi my name is Tiana and this is my blog intro. It is the start of 2016 and I am new to this school. I used to live in Cairnlea. if you don’t know where that is it is in deer park. I went to Cairnlea park primary school when I lived in Cairnlea. It was very different. We had nearly 1000 students. Our classes were not 5\6 and 3\4 they are all separate. Last year we had 5 grade 4 classes each of them had at least 22 students . It was really fun and I new mostly everybody. I can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life and come to this school and get to know everybody. Thank you for reading my blog intro and don’t forget to read or look at my other things.