March 30

B.T.N (New Prime Minister)

This B.T.N article was all about how Malcolm Turnbull became the Prime Minister. Malcolm Turnbull is our 29th Prime Minister. He is also our 5th Prime Minister in 5 years. In the second vote between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull got 54 votes and Tony Abbott got 44 votes.

I wonder why on the first vote, they voted for Tony Abbott and on the second vote they voted for Malcolm Turnbull? I wonder if I can find out why this occurred?

Well now I understand that the Prime Minister can change earlier then 4 years.



understanding –brown

March 23

100 word challenge (lie, row, fly, chips, sweet)

Alex and I were going for a row in our small boat the other day, when, we saw a KFC across the road. Alex had his wallet on him so we decided to go. When we got off our boat I saw something fly, just then Alex got swooped by a bird and his head really hurt. We went to the KFC and they gave us nurofen. After they ask just what happened, Alex said s little lie. He said I fell on the floor and they believed us. They gave us sweet potato chips for free and then we went back to our boat.

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March 18

B.T.N (voting age)

This B.T.N was all about the Prime-minister thinking about changing the voting age. When you turn 16 you get to do a lot of things like drive, donate blood, get a full time job and that’s only a few. That’s why the Prime-minister wants to change the voting age from 18 to 16. 

I understand why this would be a consideration because like i said before 16 year olds already have so many responsibility’s. I wonder why the voting age wasn’t 16 in the first place.? I wonder if the the time the age limit was made effected this from happening? 






March 16

homework (no connection)

When I went to do my homework on my computer tonight it didn’t work. I tried mum’s computer, it didn’t work either. An hour later mum said it was too late to do my homework so I had to sleep. In the morning I was too scared to tell Mrs Freeman that I didn’t do my homework so I told mum I was sick. Of course she didn’t believe me. At school I was just about to tell Mrs Freeman that I didn’t do my homework when she said “students there was no internet connection so you didn’t have to do your homework”.

March 15

100 word challenge (statues)

Once upon a time there were three statues of men and they looked like they were talking. It was a new statue. A month later everybody in the town was discussing about what they thought they were talking about. They had ridiculous ideas like “what if they are talking about aliens” or “what if they are talking about monkey killers” everybody was saying silly things. Then one day 2 months after the silly things the people said the man who made the statues came and told the town the story. The statue was actually about when he was a little boy and he wanted to a boat with his friends.

March 14

B.T.N (voting changes)

This BTN artical was all about changing votes (senates). This showed me that popular partys dont get voted as much because most people vote in group senates. Thats why the government wants to get rid of group senates. 

I understand why the people dont want to do the whole vote because it does take a long time to do and it is hard to make a decision between all the partys. I wonder if there is a easier way to vote for partys? I wonder if I could help make the decision?




March 7

buddy revision


This is my buddy revision. My buddy is Darcey from Lieghs class. Shirley and I are working together to improve her learning. We go to our buddys class (or they come to our class) every second Thursday. We do an activity with them and then eat lunch with them. On the first session me and Shirley had to write a letter to our buddy ( so did every one else). I wrote about myself and drew a picture of rainbows ,unicorns ,flowers and fairies. Well we are having our second buddy session very soon and I hope you enjoed real.


March 7

100 word challenge (superheroes)

once upon a time their was a really weird criminal and he loved to rob banks.he was the best of criminals. he always got away with things because the police could never find him. the reason of this is because he is a donkey. after he robs the banks he gos strait to the donkey farm and there are 2000 donkeys there so he blends in perfectely. then a year later superman comes along and finds out that the donkey is robbing all of the best banks. he goes to the farm and uses x ray vission. superman finds he donkey and it goes to jail.

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March 2

100wc The door opened and there it was

The door opened and there it was a huge icecream. The icecream sprincled hundreds and thousands every where. Then mum came in and got so scared. She screamed at the icecream and it ran away. Mum was really angry because it got icecream stains all over the carpet. Mum didnt like the ice cream stain so we had to move out of the house. We moved to the house next door. Mum and dad tried to sell our old house but no one wanted to buy it because of the ice cream stain. In the end the house was left empty with no one in it.