May 26

B.T.N (milk prices)

this B.T.N was about how milk prices have gone down.

there are 2 stages of making milk. first the cows go to a place in the farm where they get milked. the milk then go to processing centers and gets cleaned and put into bottles.why does milk have to get cleaned anyways? now lets get to the prices. even if the milk is good quality the big businesses that buy the milk are paying less. for example Murray Goulburn used to pay $5.60 but now pays between $4.75 and $5.00. also Fonterra has changed its price from $5.60 to$5.00. the reason all of this is happening because the dairy products over seas are dropping and farmers aren’t making as much money. well my opinion is that farmers should get payed the amount of money that it took them to make the milk.

here is the link to the B.T.N




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May 25

100 word challenge (the flame flickered and then went out)

as the movie came to an end the flame of the candle flickered and eventually went out later i went to my bed and fell asleep. ‘BANG’ i woke in fright. i got out of bed and started walking. i went to the living area, the dining room, the bathroom , the  study, the laundry. Finally i came to the kitchen. I looked in all the draws and cabinets till i came to the pantry. i slowly opened the door. i looked around the pantry and saw a light blue mouse the exact same one in the movie i was watching before.

May 25

100wc (i got this hat)

i have an umbrella hat. it is gold and blue. the story behind it is weird and ridiculous so shall we start then. well it was a Sunday afternoon and on Monday it was going to be simultaneous reading and we needed a hat. i went to the shops with my mum to see if i had any chance of finding a hat.we went to a shop called the $2 store. we went inside and there i saw the wonderful blue and gold $2 umbrella hat. i begged my mum till i was on my knees. she bought it for me and we went straight home. THE END.

May 19

B.T.N (food allergies)

Imagine your eating a snack and a minute later your whole face starts puffing and your throat starts swelling. well some people don’t have to imagine because they have allergies.

The reason people have allergies is because our immune system which is our barrier  that protects us from germs sometimes thinks the food we are eating is harmful. Our immune system then tries to get rid of the food by releasing chemicals which makes the allergic reaction. 1 out of 20 children in Australia have an allergy. the most common in Australia are nuts, egg, milk, soy, fish and wheat.                               are you allergic to anything? i’m not allergic to anything.                                                                                  well out of this i learnt that anyone can get allergic reactions anywhere and anytime


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May 17

week #18 100wc

prompt (pyjama, silence,thunder,orange.swam)

In this 100wc I am trying to think of a simple idea like (pyjama day) and putting my own weird twist to it

Yes, today is pyjama day. But we have the meanest substitute that always makes us be quite. i come to school and sit on my desk. On the board it says’’ Miss Greggory (be silent)’’ our class is always loud so i don’t know how she is going to be with our class. It is thundering and outside and our whole class is talking. Silence Miss Greggory yells. Suddenly I get hit by lightning, I shrink and fall into my orange juice. i swim and swim till I get to the end of the cup. Another lighting strike hits me I come back to normal and feel brand new.

The end

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May 15

class masters speech

boats used to be made of wood but are now made of steel why?

Dear ant and peers. I am here today to tell you why boats are mostly made out of steel and not wood. I will be telling you why.

People started making boats 10 of thousands years ago out of wood because that was the only material they knew how to use.

But people only started to make boats out of steel around 250 years ago because the industrial revolution happened. The industrial revolution is movement in machines that changed peoples life and their methods of manufacture. England began to use machines to make engines.

Boats are made from steel and not wood because steel are stronger and more durable. This is better because on long trips such as delivering large crates from country to country, it can hold more weight and (here’s a thought) In case of a crash, steel is much more capable of enduring damage.

This is a boat that is made of steel and wood. As you can see most of it is steel. most of the time the steel is on the outside because it is stronger and won’t soak up the water as much. The wood is on the inside because wood can be absorbent to water after it takes large amounts of water. So you know how when you put water on wood ,the wood absorbs the water but when you put water on steel it just slides off.

Well sadly we have come to an end i have told you about the industrial revolution, why steel boats might be a better option and a structure of a boat. i hope you learnt something out of my speech and enjoyed it to.

Thanks for listening

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May 15

government goals

well i couldn’t read my goals so i chose to write about my personal government goal.

so my question was ”how are laws made” and i have got my answer. first it is a bill it goes to the cabinet.which is all the most important ministers. if the bill passes it goes to the house of Representative. were it goes through a series of readings a votes. if it passes the house of reps it go’s to the senate. were there it goes through readings and a vote. if it passes the senate it goes to the Governor general which is the Queens Representative and he/she makes the last decision.

well that was my goal and my answer. thanks for reading.

May 14


”click, clock the room will be silent waiting for the curtains to open” said Miss Greggor the oldest teacher and my drama teacher too.”Ellie and Valma can paint the sky” she said ”chop chop” she said not patiently. ”eeeeeeeeeeeeee”we screamed jumping up and down i cant believe we got put together. the next mourning brought blue and white paint and Valma and i started to paint the fabric thtat miss greggor put on the wall. while we were painting i saw this ladder and  i didnt know what it was ”come on Valma lets see what is up there. we went up and saw miss greggor having  cup of coffe

May 12


NAPLAN we all know what it is. A test were you wright on paper. But not for long.

Ok so firstly NAPLAN stands for National Assessment Program-Literacy And Numeracy. The people who are behind NAPLAN re thinking of changing it from a pen and paper to a computer. They think that it will be easier for them to mark. They also said that students with different learning levels get different questions. i understand that changing it will make it easier and here’s a thought it will save paper. Know I wonder if after all this are schools actually going to change?

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May 8

100wc (suddenly)

‘’This is going to be such a boring car ride’’ said Zoe as she was getting into the car. ‘’All were doing is going to a birthday party’’ SUDDENLY a massive spider started walking straight towards Zoe. The spider grabbed her by the arm and took her away.  Eventually they came to a massive hoe it the ground .’’why did you say it as just a party’’ said the massive spider. because i didn’t want to go. i am really sorry that I said that and it will never happen again. Zoe ,Zoe ,Zoe wake up your late to school.