June 2

B.T.N (junk food)

this B.T.N is about how too many 9-10 year olds are having too much junk food or unhealthy food daily.

a new research has shown that children from 9-10 years old are having too much junk food. almost half of their energy comes from foods that are high in salt, sugar and fat. only half get enough fruit and vegetables. 9 out of 10 don’t get enough vegetables and 4 out of 5  have too much salt. almost all of them didn’t have enough non-processed meat, eggs, nuts and beans. i understand that children can’t have too much junk food because in the future it could lead to bad health problems. lastly my question is how do places like MC Donald’s or hungry jacks get so much money even if people know it is unhealthy?


recalls: green

understandings: purple

questions: orange

well thanks for reading my B.T.N and if you wanted to watch the clip the link is down below. Also when you click on this and it goes to the website, scroll down till you see the one that says junk food and has a picture of chips and says fat in the middle.



June 1


this week i am trying to be more descriptive with the little details.

“hmm, were should i it today,” wondered Robert. he sat down next to a restaurant , unzipped his bag and took his book out. his book was titled ‘real life magic tricks’. he opened his book to the page that he was up to. the chapter he was reading was called ‘how to spawn a human’. he just finished reading the chapter when, a human spawned right next to him.”ahhh,” Robert screamed of fright. ” calm down,” said the man who just spawned. “i my name is dug,” this book told me that you are worthy of becoming a magician for the rest of your life,” “come with me on this journey,”

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