September 15

Earthquake Project


An earthquake is a sudden shaking of the ground caused by the tectonic plates. A tectonic plate is a layer of the earth’s crust that moves and floats. When 2 plates clash that creates an earthquake and many other disasters. An earthquake is a natural disaster because it effects people in many different ways and destroys land.

There is no scientific way to prove an earthquake is coming although scientist have tried several times they don’t get the information to the locals quick enough but there are some ways they predict earthquakes. Like the Richter scale. The Richter scale measures the movements in the ground and puts it in a graph that looks like this.


Scientist also use the logarithmic scale which is a graph that measures sound, light and ground movement. This graph is a non linear graph which means it doesn’t go up or down in a straight line. But in curvy lines.

Now ways that things in the natural world help people predict an earthquake. Animals like dogs and beavers can sense an earthquake 2-3 days before an earthquake actually happens. Ants change behavior when there is an earthquake coming higher than magnitude 2. Before the earthquake in Sichuan, China there were rainbow clouds in the sky and warm weather. 30 minutes after there was an earthquake. Before the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand there were lights in the sky and a little bit of colour around it. 20 minutes after there was an earthquake. Also you might get itchiness around the skin or a headache.

There are some countries and continents on earth that earthquakes occur more often than other countries and continents. These include America, Japan and Indonesia. California has a 99% chance of being hit by an earthquake in the next 30 years because they sit on the San Andrea’s Fault, which cuts across California and forms the tectonic plate boundary between the Pacific and the North American Plate. 98% of people survived an earthquake in San Francisco and only 33% of people survived an earthquake in Italy. The reason being the building structure. In Italy the buildings fall easily and in San Francisco the building structure is more sophisticated and stronger. 3 of the largest earthquakes in America hat have been recorded happened over the course of 2 months. If a major earthquake happens in japan 14.6 million lives are at risk because japan is on the ring of fire which is a tectonic plate. It is responsible for 90% of the world’s earthquakes and 81% of the worst. Indonesia is also on the ring of fire. Indonesia is a good target for earthquakes because it is under sea level. Which means the soil is soft and when Indonesia has an earthquake there are usually floods after.

Because we can never predict how severe an earthquake is going to be, we need to prepare well in advance. Like make an escape route that your family can follow or trap doors etc. earthquakes are a natural disaster therefore they cannot be stopped and we have to learn how to live with them.

this is my assessment report


goal reflection

i am proud that i finished most of the things that i wanted to be done. like the diagram, introduction and conclusion and to include some good facts. i think i could improve on making my writing longer and expanding the facts. i think i could of used more impersonal voice because most of my sentences have me or you in them. i am also proud of my starting sentences. i think they are interesting  and they really hit you at the start of each paragraph.