October 26

BTN reflection

This video is about meteors, asteroids and comets and what the are.

comets are chunks of ice and dust from the colder places in the solar system. When comets get close to the sun the melt and give off gas that we see as a glowing trail.

Asteroids are made of rock or metal. There are millions of them in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter but some of them travel near earth.

meteoroids are small chunks of asteroid . Millions of them enter the earths atmosphere every days. When they do we call them meotors. A shooting star is actually a meteor.

i wonder when the earth will get hit with a really big meteor like the dinosaurs did? I wonder if it might be in my life time?

i under stand that we are not the only thing in the solar system and we shouldn’t take it for granted.


October 24

solar system reflection

our solar system has a big star in the middle called the sun. 8 planets orbit the sun, as well as a few dwarf planets and androids. the 8 planets are divided into 2 groups of 4. the terestrial planets are mercury, venus, earth and mars. and the gas giants planets are jupitor. saturn, uranus and neptune.

mercury is the smallest and lightest of all planets.mercury does not have an atmosphere or a moon. the lowest temperature in mercury is 427 degrees c and the highest temperature is -173 degrees c.

venus is the brightest planet and and the hottest. the atmospheric presure is 92 times higher than the earths. venus never cools lower than 437 degrees c. it also does not have a moon.

the earth is so far the only planet with life on it. the minimum temperature is -89 c and the highest 58 c. this lets there be water on it. the earth has a moon called luna

mars is the second smalest planet. the minimum temperature is -133 c and the maximum teperature is 27 c. its olympus monds is the highet mountain in the solar system. it is more than 3 times higher than mount everest. mars has 2 small moons.

jupitor is the largest and most massive planet is the solar syatem. the min temperature is -150 c and the max temp is -93 c. jupitor has 67 moons

saturn is the second largest planet in the solar syatem. the max temperature is -168 degrees c and the min temperature is -120 degrees c. if you had a big bath saturn would float in it. saturn has a very vsible ring around it. it has 62 moons.

uranus is one of the coldest planets in our solar system. the min temperature is -243 degrees c and the max temperature is -370 degrees c. the interesting thing is the contrast is tilted side ways and not straight like other planets. it has 27 moons.

neptune is so far away from the sun that one neptune year is 164 earth years. the min temperature is -201 degrees c. the max temperature is -346 degrees c. neptune has 14 moons.

if you compare all 8 planets jupiter. jupiter has 70 percent of the planets mass. in fact one of jupitors moons is bigger than mercury. jupitor helps the earth because most of the dangerously large androids that are about to hit earth all get pulled to jupitor. but even jupitor is a dwarf compared to our sun. jupitor only makes up 99.86 percent of the sun.

one day our solar system will die. the sun will start dying and mercury venus and maybe earth will start dying too. the sun will get so hot that it will burn the earths crust. then it will keep growing until it either swallows earth or makes it a pool of lava. once the sun burns all of its mass it will shrink, burn for a few billion years and eventually disapear.

why will the sun shrink? would neptune melt because it is made of ice? i understand that the universe is a really big place.

October 12

ancient astronomy video reflection

There where manly 3 places that contributed to astronomyin the ancient tmes and in this video. the ancient greeks the babylons and the maya’s. Babylon is a city near modern Baghdad. They were very advanced in astronomy for that time and had a system of writing so that they could record massive volume of astronomical observations which they then used that information to create mathematical models. they then  made calendars that could be used to important things around Babylonia. The Maya’s are a group of mesoamerican Indians. Unfortunately little knowledge about the Maya’s use of astronomy exists because there texts where burnt by the Spanish. i wonder why the spanish burnt the maya’s papers? was it because of a war? a lot of the ancient greeks knowledge came from Hipparchus an Ancient Greek mathematician. He was known as the father of trigonometry and also a great astronomer. i understand that most of our knowledge about astronomy comes from the ancient people.




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October 4

goal reflection

My goals from this semester were:

I think I could work on my multiplication. i could do this by I would like to get better at my multiplication. I could do this by practising my times tables after school for 10 minutes. I would also like to be more confident in myself. I could do this by putting my hand up more and giving speeches. Something else could be being more collaborative. I could do this by joining into more group activities and the classroom and outside. Lastly I would like to be able to choose challenging and complicated books. I could do this by asking Ant for suggestions.

This is my reflection on how I achieved them:

think I have achieved most of my goals. My multiplication has been easy since I have been going to times table club. I have learnt my 4, 8, 9 and 11. I have already done 2 speeches in the classroom so my confidence has definitely gone up. Well for being collaborative I do play with a lot of different people every day. I have more friends now because I played soccer. Also I have been reading a book called finding serendipity and it has complicated words, small words and it has a good thickness.

My future goals are:

I would like to be more organised in the classroom so I know exactly what I have to do. I also want to get better at writing in my diary even though I am already good at it I want to get better. Linked to that I want to finish all my homework as soon as possible because I have a lot of activities during the week so if I could finish early it would be an extra bonus. Also in writing I want to get better at writing in different styles and genres so that in the future I won’t be challenged.

my future goals reflection:

I think I have achieved my goal of being more organised although I don’t know where everything is my desk is definitely clean and so is my locker. I also have a timetable in my diary of when I have to start my homework and when I have to finish it. now I never post my homework late anymore. I think I could still work on writing in different genres because that is not really a strong point for me. a new goal is being more confident in my self. I have low self esteem but i’m working on getting it higher. I have a debate and I really want to show the class in that debate that I am more confident in my self than the start of the year. I have got a math goal which is getting better at decimals and really understanding how they work and to do when you come across them.

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