October 12

ancient astronomy video reflection

There where manly 3 places that contributed to astronomyin the ancient tmes and in this video. the ancient greeks the babylons and the maya’s. Babylon is a city near modern Baghdad. They were very advanced in astronomy for that time and had a system of writing so that they could record massive volume of astronomical observations which they then used that information to create mathematical models. they then  made calendars that could be used to important things around Babylonia. The Maya’s are a group of mesoamerican Indians. Unfortunately little knowledge about the Maya’s use of astronomy exists because there texts where burnt by the Spanish. i wonder why the spanish burnt the maya’s papers? was it because of a war? a lot of the ancient greeks knowledge came from Hipparchus an Ancient Greek mathematician. He was known as the father of trigonometry and also a great astronomer. i understand that most of our knowledge about astronomy comes from the ancient people.




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