December 8

100 word challenge (my year)

i came to MPPS at the start of 2016 as a new year 5 not knowing anyone but now i have come to the end of year 5 soon to be a year 6 and i have a heap of really good friends. they have not only taught me to not be scared of a new environment they have also taught me to love school. i have learnt so much from this school it has given me so many opportunities and i wouldn’t be myself it it wasn’t for my teachers and peers pushing me through this tough time of my life.

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December 8

space reflection

do you ever look at pictures of the Earth and moon on google images they are really close to each other. when in actual fact if you get a moon a size of 1 mm by 1 mm and an earth the size of a marble then they would have to be 1 m away to actually line up with the scale . it is the same thing with the solar system . the images look  so close to each other an it is not up to scale. if you put the orbits of the planets up to scale on a piece of paper then the planets would be microscopic. here is actually not an image that shows you accurately what it is like from up there in  space. the only way to see a scale model of the solar system is too build 1. to build an accurate scale of the solar system you need 7 miles (11.2 km) of land and the earth a size of a marble. the sun will be 1.5 m y 1.5 m. mercury would be smaller then a marble and 68 m away from the sun. Venus is the same size as the Earth and 120 m away from the sun . the Earth is the size of a marble and 176 m away from the sun .mars is smaller than Earth and is 269 m away from the sun. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system an dis 920 m away from the sun. Saturn is a planet with a ring around it and is 1.7 km from the sun. Uranus is a planet that is the 3 rd largest planet in our solar system and it is 3.4 km away from the sun. Neptune is the coldest planet in our solar system and it is 5.6 km away from the sun. how to tell that your model is correct is to hold up the model sun, go to the Earths orbit and it should match the size of the re sun from the Earths perspective. i understand that only 24 human species in the Earths entire history have sen the full circle of the Earth. why is Earth the only planet hat has life on it in our solar system.

December 1

space relection

this video was about how astronomy has changed through time

it is said that astronomy is th oldest way of science. the ancient Greeks had quite a good idea of how space works. they thought that everything revolved around the earth. they thought that the earth was still and that the sun and moon rotated around it because if the earth was moving then they would have felt it. but then there came another model proposed i the 16th century. Nickolas  Copernicus a polish astronomer discovered something new. the sun was i he center an not the earth. he performed the Greeks discovery and the system wouldn’t work. there was something wondering around not following the system the Greeks made up. Nickolas discovered that , that moving object was not a star it was a planet. planet mars. that would have proven that Nickolas’ discovery had worked and that the sun is in in the middle and not the earth. then in the 17th century galalaio galai made a telescope and pointed to the night sky. one of the biggest discoveries that he found out with the telescope was that Jupiter had 4 moons. after that discovery our place in the cosmos as no longer special. the new model showed that the sun was i the middle and the planets were rotating around it which meant that the earth must have been rotating around it too. i wonder how in the ancient times they found out all these things about space when the didn’t have good technology. i understand that people are the only living things in our solar system that are trying to find out about space. and that’s why our planet is special.