February 28

camp reflection 100wc (laughter)

When we found our cabin we all ran up the stairs tripping over our suitcases, trying to get to the door first. Then Ella got a grip on the door knob, twisting it, falling as the door opened. time stood still for a second but eventually one after the other we all get attacked by laughter. We all lay there still in laughter, not even knowing why we started laughing in the first place. We all faintly heard footsteps getting louder and louder. We stopped laughing and in fear we waited to see who was there. “Stop Laughing” Libby yelled and we all shot back to laughter again.


February 27


Hello Libby and 5/6A

My name is Tiana and I am running for SRC in 2017. If you don’t already know what SRC means It means Student Representative Council. Which pretty much already explains it in the name. I think that I would be perfect for this job.

Firstly I would be responsible. Obviously being responsible is a big aspect of being an S.R.C . I have done  this before at my old school which means that I have experience.  because I have been src before I would know what to do. And because of this responsibility younger children would look up to me as a role model which is one of my goals his year that I would like to achieve.

I also have well what I would think are good ideas. Like at my old school I did a lemonade stand and we gained a lot of money. I forgot exactly how much money we gained but I know that because of the lemonade stand we got an extension on our playground.  And I did a weird dress up day. Everyone brought 2 dollars to school . We gained approximately 2000 dollars. So we got a canteen. Still on the topic of ideas I will respect each and every one of your ideas. Which is a promise.

I will be happy to give up my recess and lunch for S.R.C meetings and would be happy to share any of your ideas when I am there. I believe that I could make this school better and I hope that you guys vote for me to be your S.R.C for 2017.


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February 13

2017 start of year letter

Hi Libby and 5/6 A

Little Bit About Myself :

My name is Tiana and my favourite colour is green ad my favourite word is HELLO. I have been going to this school for 1 year. I have made a lot of friends along the way and fitted in nicely. I am very creative and have a big personality but when I have to speak in front of the class I get really nervous. but I love reading even if I am a slow reader I still enjoy it.

My Old School:

My old school didn’t have many opportunities because there were nearly 1000 students. Nobody really got noticed and everyone had a label but my great group of friends helped me when I was felling sad. When I told them that I was going to another school they started crying because we have been friends since prep and they were really sad. I still have their contacts so we can talk.

My Family:

As most of you know I have an older brother called Alex who is 15 and this year he is going to get his learners permit. But that’s only in November. My mum is a little shorty and is only about an inch taller than me but has a big heart and always works hard for my family. She is turning 36 in December. My dad is super tall which explains why he is a builder and again because my dad all the records he is also the oldest. He is turning 39 this year. And last but not least my little sister Bella. She is so cute and is only 3. I’m not sure how old she is in dog years but she is a cocker spaniel. (if you haven’t realised already she is a dog)

My Holiday:

Me and my family went to Mildura on the holidays. Mildura is on the boarder of new south wales and Victoria. We went t this is resort called Sunraysia Resort. It was so fun. There was a swimming pool, a mini golf course, a playground and a whole lot more. My personal favourite was the extra cold pool because it was so hot in Mildura. My tip is if you ever want go there bring your scooter because everyone rides them. These are a few pictures of Mildura.


We stayed there over New Years with another 6 families.

i hope you guys learnt something new about me and enjoyed reading.



February 6

safer internet day webinar reflection

Today we watched a webinar about how to be safe on the internet. It was talking about the digital footprint and how people can figure out who you are. A digital footprint is what people put online and people can track them down with it. Like when you post a picture or put something on Youtube. If someone does end up finding you they could pretend to be someone else and and find out all your private stuff. That’s why you should always put your social medias on private. You should tell a trusted adult such as your parents or teachers. My goal is to have all my social media sites on private by the end of the day.