April 30

B.T.N Cyclone Debbie

Cyclone Debbie was a tragic tropical cyclone in north Queensland. With lots of rain and wind. days before the cyclone people were warned that cyclone Debbie would strike. most people evacuated but those who dare to stay had to stock up on water and batteries. they had to put masking tape on their windows so that the they wouldn’t break. and sand bagged their houses to make sure no wind would come in to save buildings and business. cyclone Debbie was horrible but the after math was even worse.

Queenslanders all had to get out and help clean up even children had to, too. but the powerful winds made all the power go off and that made it even harder. people couldn’t get fresh water and some filled their bath tubs with fresh water so that they could use that for the days that they wouldn’t have water.loads of trees fell down and some even fell on houses which caused a big problem.  

why do cyclones only happen in the Northern part of Australia?

I understand that cyclones are a big threat that can affect many people.




April 30

100 word challenge

Dear Diary

I am so happy now. I got the vaccination last week and I am starting to look like everyone else. By next month everyone should look the same. I can’t wait to stop getting bullied it is so annoying getting my hair wet with toilet water. Luckily my hair is starting to fall out just like everyone else’s. I’m waiting for my name tag to arrive in the mail so people can recognize me when I go back to school. Well I have to go now.

From Elizabeth



April 19

100 Word Challenge

It was a dark and gloomy night and my brother and I couldn’t sleep. Of course the adventuring type of kids we were we went to the basement which was the only room we weren’t aloud to go in . we walked down the stairs our hearts beating fast hoping that we wouldn’t dye. we got down there and there was nothing to see. we were just about to walk up the stairs when my brother noticed a wall moving. we went in and found ourselves in a place like Narnia. we were so scared we ran upstairs and let me tell you we never went to the basement again.