May 28


For thousands of years humans have been gazing into space and looking at stars wondering if there is life out there.  But we don’t have the technology to do that. So we send messages into space to let them now that we are here. The first message was sent to space in 1962 to Venus. We still haven’t gotten a response from that. Then in 1974 scientists in america used 2 different radio frequencies to transmit a code from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. This message will take approximately 25,000 years to get to its destination, and then if an alien does receive it, it would take another 25,000 years to get back to Earth. 

That hasn’t stopped us from trying different ways to send messages. A golden disc was sent out to space. It contains whale noises and greeting in 55 different languages. There has also been a chip commercial and a Beatles song sent into space.

Why don’t we know that there are Aliens? 

How would the Aliens receive messages?

I understand that they send messages in different frequencies.





May 28

100 Word Challenge

Henry loved burgers. Every day he would get a burger after school and get a triple patty cheese burger. He loved that burger and he would get so angry if he didn’t get one every day. One day his mum came to pick him up from school to go to the dentist. When they got to the dentist they had to wait for a long time. Henry was starting to get angry because he hadn’t gotten his burger yet. Finally the dentist called his name and Henry  went to the check up room with his mum. A few moments later the dentist backed away with a sad face.

”I’m sorry Henry you can’t eat hamburgers anymore,”

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May 24

science adaptations

Adaptations = Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment.

I learnt that animals have many adaptations in different environments. Salt water crocodiles are cold blooded. They stay still in one spot to keep heat. They also stay still to camouflage. Salt water crocodiles can go without food for more then 12 months.

In adaptations I would like to learn more about what makes the animals adapt to the area. Is it the evolution over time? Is it how they were born from the start? How long does it take for them to adapt to different climates?

link to the sea life aquarium:


May 21

100 word challenge

my goal : to not rush into the ending really quickly.

Yesterday I was on the news. I was at the orange lake . From the name you can tell what it is. There is a rocky cliff thing that was hanging over it and it was so wide. Well I was their with my dad and about 30 minutes after we came he whole thing collapsed. Luckily we didn’t get hurt but a crocodile was stuck under their. The zoo came and took the crocodile. 7 news quickly rushed over and started videoing us. When we got home we saw the news and it was called ”father and daughter saw orange lake fall within

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May 20

B.T.N Housing Affordability

Houses are one of the most expensive things that you will ever buy in your life. Unfortunately houses are getting even more expensive that’s why a lot of Australians are getting worried because Melbourne and Sydney are one of the most un-affordable places to live in. The average house today is 656,800 dollars. Most people can’t afford that much so what they do is they borrow money from their bank but that comes with a consequence you have to  pay them back after plus Intrest which is extra money they charged you on top of that money you borrowed. So technically you lost money.

On average humans earn 10 times more money then they did 40 years ago but housing is 30 times more expensive. That means that compared to when your grandparents got a house, houses are more expensive to buy and harder to pay off. Australia is not the only country struggling with expensive houses but people there are finding creative ways to live. Like in a canal boats and an old shipping container. So Australia is still worse then America, Canada, Britain and most of Europe when it comes to housing affordability.

The government have realized this and have been trying to sort things out. They trying to make it easier for first home buyers to save money, making it harder for people over seas to get a  house so that Australians can get homes easier and trying to get older people so sell their homes and get smaller homes . 

I understand that getting an affordable house is very hard to do.

I wonder if renting a house would be a good solution ?

I wonder if over seas people will get angry ?

I personally think that this new budget thing that the government planned is stupid because most people in Australia come from other countries and they should be able to buy a house. Also if older people want to live in a bigger house they shouldn’t be forced to live in a smaller house.





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May 14

B.T.N letter in bottle

Imagine walking along the beach 1 day and finding a bottle with a message in side. Well that is exactly what happened to Tristan. When he got home he read the letter and straight away contacted the girl that wrote the letter.

The girl was called Sadie and she wrote the letter when she was on SEA semester. she wrote her contacts in the letter so that who ever found it could contact her.

Sadie isn’t the first person to have sent a letter in a bottle and it was found. The oldest message in a bottle was found on a German beach after 108 years of floating at sea. Experts say that you shouldn’t or be very careful about putting bottles in the water because it is very dangerous.

I wonder why why the current always changes and makes bottles in water sometimes come in years an sometimes months?

I understand that some bottles can actually be rubbish like plastic bottles and that sometimes the glass bottles can brake and be harm to marine life. 




May 14

100 word challenge i just couldn’t eat something so….

Yesterday I was at the international food festival. It was so much fun. The stores were divided into 3 sections. The biggest section was by far the savory section and that’s where we went first. We got tom yum soup which is from the Thailand store and my dad got potato salad which is from Germany store. then we went to the snack section . We just looked around and didn’t get anything because were sparing our stomachs for the last section DESSERT. When we go there I  ran to the Greek store. I asked for a cheese cake. At the first glance of the cheese cake I knew that I just couldn’t eat something so beautiful.

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May 7

100 word challenge the slime dripped through

”WOOOOOOOH” I heard 1000’s of people screaming. I was in the middle of the croWd waiting for the bubbles to burst out the cannon

” ARE YOU READY” I heard the host scream out ”THE BUBBLES ARE READY”

I closed my eyes and waited for the bubbles to come.

”3….2…….1” I heard the host say. I opened my eyes and to my horror instead of bubbles coming out of the cannon there was slime coming out . I tried to get out of the crowd because I was wearing my favourite top but I was to late and I could feel that the slime had already dripped through my top.

May 4

B.T.N Why Do We Sleep

we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. but have you ever wondered what happens why we sleep. Somethings you might already know is that sleeping is just as important as eating and drinking. In fact if you don’t sleep for a long time you can get seizures and die from exhaustion. Studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep then you will struggle to learn more information the next day.

When we’re asleep we are almost completely unaware of our surroundings. That isn’t a BIG problem now because we have protection but a long time it was. Even animals are more likely to be attacked when they are asleep. Some animals have learnt to sleep with 1 half of their brains at a time. Such as dolphins. That means that they can still swim, come up for air and fully wake up if they sense that they are in danger. But  we are not dolphins. I understand that humans are really smart but we still haven’t gotten to the level of dolphins.  

Scientists believe that the ACTUAL reason we sleep is so that our brain can rest during the night. 1 part of the brain that they believe needs resting is the pre-frontal cortex which pretty much is your thinking and is the head of the brain. Scientists also think that during the night our brain is flushing out memories that we don’t need. keeping the memories that we do need like stuff we learnt at school and leaving space for the day after so that we can learn new things.

i wonder why scientists haven’t found out why we sleep even if we have extremely good technology?

will scientists ever find out the real reason of why we sleep?

I personally think that sleeping is fun and is just for resting our muscles and brain after  long day and just relaxing




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