May 7

100 word challenge the slime dripped through

”WOOOOOOOH” I heard 1000’s of people screaming. I was in the middle of the croWd waiting for the bubbles to burst out the cannon

” ARE YOU READY” I heard the host scream out ”THE BUBBLES ARE READY”

I closed my eyes and waited for the bubbles to come.

”3….2…….1” I heard the host say. I opened my eyes and to my horror instead of bubbles coming out of the cannon there was slime coming out . I tried to get out of the crowd because I was wearing my favourite top but I was to late and I could feel that the slime had already dripped through my top.

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1 thoughts on “100 word challenge the slime dripped through

  1. bridget

    I really like this piece. It is descriptive and interesting and I loved the sizzleing start. The thing that you could work on is using the prompt in your writing as it was hard to pick out and I noticed that you didn’t use it word for word. I also saw a capital W in the word crowd.Overall I loved this piece!


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