June 4

100 Word Challenge

Yesterday I was brushing my hair by myself  in the bathroom because my mum was sleeping . A lot of my hair fell out as per usual and all I did was plonked it in the toilet as my mother usually did when she brushed my hair. I went to go flush the toilet and a few seconds after I flushed it the water just splashed out. It got all over the floor and my hair and just everywhere. I tried to stop it but the water kept gushing out. My mother woke up to the sound and came in. She called my dad and he had to fix it. Moral of the story : I got grounded.

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June 1

B.T.N Coding School

this B.T.N  was about how a school called Aberfoyle Park High School are getting coding lessons twice a week every week and have been really improving. they code on tablets using a coding language called python using an app called pythonista. they need the work in teams to create a game that is not only creative but also challenging and having a reason. 

so far this school has gotten seven registered games on the app store to get anyone around the world can play. now it is the first school in the world to be registered as a developer under it’s own name. 

the teachers in this school are hoping that these coding lessons will help their students in the future when technology will be way ahead of its time and they will be professional coders.

why is coding so confusing  ?

i understand that coding is a big part of the world and that every kid should learn more about it 

personally i think that this is a great idea and that every school should have coding lessons. i think that schools should have the opportunity to do coding if that is there taste.





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