November 19

100 Word Challenge

As me and my sister Bianca were walking home from school, we came across a really pretty, funny looking card on the path. Our mother always told us not to pick up dirty things from the ground; but this time, we couldn’t resist. It read in bold letters, that we were able to receive one tonne of sweet, delicious candy! And all we had to do was write our names on the raffle ticket, and it would be announced in the next hour. I don’t know if your parents let you have candy, but mine don’t, so we were extremely excited. All we had to do now was put it in the mailbox, which was luckily just a block away. We ran home so we would arrive just at the right time. We got home, quickly grabbing the key from under the gnome. We flicked the TV on as they were just about to announce the winners. ‘Bianca and Alya Blackwill! Congratulations!’ We flicked the TV off and celebrated, but as time went by, we kept asking ourselves; ‘Where would we hide it all?’.

I’m sorry this 100wc is a little bit longer then usual

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