August 20

100wc The acrobatics seals.

Yesterday I went to the annual seal circus. My family and arrived so early that we got to sit in the best spot-the front row. There were so many entertaining stunts. My favourite was by far, the acrobatic seals.They were doing all this cool stuff, and the best bit was when one of them accidentally fell into the water. Everybody started laughing, even the seal’s partner. look mum took a photo:

when  we got home my mum posted the photo on seal-book and guess what. the next morning my mums photo was on the news and she was being interviewed about the extraordinary picture.

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August 12

100 word challenge

Prompt: Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

“AHHHHHH” yelled scarlet as her annoying brother exited her bedroom. She threw her cushion at him just as he slammed the door. She sat angrily on her bed as she looked out her watered window to the murky sky as it had just stopped raining. In one of the raindrops she saw a reflection of her violin that was in the corner of her room. She stood and went to grab it as she knew the only thing that would be able to calm her down would be her violin.

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August 6

100wc but then the flash me

my family and i been living in this lighthouse for about a month or so and last night i just had my first encounter with lightning. surprisingly i was sleeping very peacefully on a stormy night but then the flash of lightning made me wake up instantaneously. i gasped in shock. i sat up as the sound of thunder rang through my ears. i got out of my bed and ran to my door. it creaked as it flew open. i ran up stairs to my sisters room i opened the door and not to my surprise she was also awake waiting for me to come.

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July 30

100 wc when all of sudden

on my 5th birthday i had a massive cake with 5 massive candles. when everybody was singing happy birthday i couldn’t wait to blow the candles but before i could i had to make a wish.  i made a wish and then i blew all 5 of the candles. all of sudden Katy who was my best friend started screaming. she had some fire on her t-shirt. now that i look back at it it wasn’t that much fire but because i was 5 i thought it was a lot. everybody was panicking and screaming. Katy eventually got the fire of her t-shirt by pouring her cup of cordial on it.

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July 23

100 word challenge carousal

Dear Diary

I finally lost my job today. This is how it went.

it was nearly the end of work and I was so excited that I could leave these kids when I heard a girl screaming. I ran to her and she was crying on the grass, her parents were already there. while her parents were screaming at me I realized that the horse the girl was on was gone and then all the other kids starting screaming and all the other horse’s left. Everybody called the police and it was on the news and everything. In the end they shut the carousal down and I lost my job.

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June 4

100 Word Challenge

Yesterday I was brushing my hair by myself  in the bathroom because my mum was sleeping . A lot of my hair fell out as per usual and all I did was plonked it in the toilet as my mother usually did when she brushed my hair. I went to go flush the toilet and a few seconds after I flushed it the water just splashed out. It got all over the floor and my hair and just everywhere. I tried to stop it but the water kept gushing out. My mother woke up to the sound and came in. She called my dad and he had to fix it. Moral of the story : I got grounded.

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May 28

100 Word Challenge

Henry loved burgers. Every day he would get a burger after school and get a triple patty cheese burger. He loved that burger and he would get so angry if he didn’t get one every day. One day his mum came to pick him up from school to go to the dentist. When they got to the dentist they had to wait for a long time. Henry was starting to get angry because he hadn’t gotten his burger yet. Finally the dentist called his name and Henry  went to the check up room with his mum. A few moments later the dentist backed away with a sad face.

”I’m sorry Henry you can’t eat hamburgers anymore,”

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May 21

100 word challenge

my goal : to not rush into the ending really quickly.

Yesterday I was on the news. I was at the orange lake . From the name you can tell what it is. There is a rocky cliff thing that was hanging over it and it was so wide. Well I was their with my dad and about 30 minutes after we came he whole thing collapsed. Luckily we didn’t get hurt but a crocodile was stuck under their. The zoo came and took the crocodile. 7 news quickly rushed over and started videoing us. When we got home we saw the news and it was called ”father and daughter saw orange lake fall within

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May 14

100 word challenge i just couldn’t eat something so….

Yesterday I was at the international food festival. It was so much fun. The stores were divided into 3 sections. The biggest section was by far the savory section and that’s where we went first. We got tom yum soup which is from the Thailand store and my dad got potato salad which is from Germany store. then we went to the snack section . We just looked around and didn’t get anything because were sparing our stomachs for the last section DESSERT. When we go there I  ran to the Greek store. I asked for a cheese cake. At the first glance of the cheese cake I knew that I just couldn’t eat something so beautiful.

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May 7

100 word challenge the slime dripped through

”WOOOOOOOH” I heard 1000’s of people screaming. I was in the middle of the croWd waiting for the bubbles to burst out the cannon

” ARE YOU READY” I heard the host scream out ”THE BUBBLES ARE READY”

I closed my eyes and waited for the bubbles to come.

”3….2…….1” I heard the host say. I opened my eyes and to my horror instead of bubbles coming out of the cannon there was slime coming out . I tried to get out of the crowd because I was wearing my favourite top but I was to late and I could feel that the slime had already dripped through my top.