May 14

100 word challenge i just couldn’t eat something so….

Yesterday I was at the international food festival. It was so much fun. The stores were divided into 3 sections. The biggest section was by far the savory section and that’s where we went first. We got tom yum soup which is from the Thailand store and my dad got potato salad which is from Germany store. then we went to the snack section . We just looked around and didn’t get anything because were sparing our stomachs for the last section DESSERT. When we go there I  ran to the Greek store. I asked for a cheese cake. At the first glance of the cheese cake I knew that I just couldn’t eat something so beautiful.

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May 7

100 word challenge the slime dripped through

”WOOOOOOOH” I heard 1000’s of people screaming. I was in the middle of the croWd waiting for the bubbles to burst out the cannon

” ARE YOU READY” I heard the host scream out ”THE BUBBLES ARE READY”

I closed my eyes and waited for the bubbles to come.

”3….2…….1” I heard the host say. I opened my eyes and to my horror instead of bubbles coming out of the cannon there was slime coming out . I tried to get out of the crowd because I was wearing my favourite top but I was to late and I could feel that the slime had already dripped through my top.

April 30

100 word challenge

Dear Diary

I am so happy now. I got the vaccination last week and I am starting to look like everyone else. By next month everyone should look the same. I can’t wait to stop getting bullied it is so annoying getting my hair wet with toilet water. Luckily my hair is starting to fall out just like everyone else’s. I’m waiting for my name tag to arrive in the mail so people can recognize me when I go back to school. Well I have to go now.

From Elizabeth



April 19

100 Word Challenge

It was a dark and gloomy night and my brother and I couldn’t sleep. Of course the adventuring type of kids we were we went to the basement which was the only room we weren’t aloud to go in . we walked down the stairs our hearts beating fast hoping that we wouldn’t dye. we got down there and there was nothing to see. we were just about to walk up the stairs when my brother noticed a wall moving. we went in and found ourselves in a place like Narnia. we were so scared we ran upstairs and let me tell you we never went to the basement again.


March 28

”lets go there,”  Alicia said pointing to a pile of rocks that sort of looked like a mountain.

”sure,” i replied

it was sort of HARD to get up the rocks and i was WORRIED that we were going to fall off but when we got to the top it so worth it. there were two BROWN chairs as if it this mountain was made for us. we sat down and looked at the BEAUTIFUL view. Alicia got her CAMERA out and started taking pictures of the view. eventually when the sun went down we climbed down the mountain and went back home.

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March 26

100 word challenge

I took a deep breathe as I walked into the doctors. I was biting my nails so hard that my pinky ripped off . ” Elizabeth McGuire” I heard very sweet voice say. Oh no I was saying to my self . I stood up and went to the room with my motif by my side. I sat down on the chair and put my hand out. The doctor got the needle and stabbed it into my hand. I could feel a tear run down my face. All I could think about was how could something so tiny hurt so much.

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March 19

100 wc last

Knock, knock, knock we knocked on mrs Clarkson’s door.

” would you like to buy some cookies” Ava and I said at the same time with a smile on our faces.

” Oh no thank you but could you 2 girls do something for me”

” ok” we both replied confusingly.

now let me tell you something that will help you in the future. NEVER do a favour for mrs Clarkson or she will make you clean her toilet and clean her tiles by hand with a cloth.

Finnaly Ava and I got out of mrs Clarkson’s house. And that is the last time I am knocking on mrs Clarkson’s door.


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March 13


DONE I scream in excitement. i had finally finished my art work. i had been working on this for more then a week. usually these things only take a day for me. oh wait i haven’t even told you what my art work is. i found a tree the other day at the park and it was so pretty and i just had to do something to it. so i set off got some concrete and started making a sculpture. at first i didn’t know what i was going to make but as the days went by i decided to make a hand. here is a picture of it. i hope you like it.

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March 5

100wc however, yellow, remarkable, discovered, gingerly

Yesterday I was gingerly watching TV and at the corner of my eye I saw something yellow on the window. I didn’t think much of it then however when the commercial went on I went to check it. I discovered that it was actually a yellow bird that was stuck on my window. I quickly ran outside to go examine it. The bird wasn’t hurt it was just stuck so I slowly grabbed it trying not to hurt it. I opened up my hands to let the bird free. As it flew away I could see its remarkable yellow wings flapping in the sky.

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February 28

camp reflection 100wc (laughter)

When we found our cabin we all ran up the stairs tripping over our suitcases, trying to get to the door first. Then Ella got a grip on the door knob, twisting it, falling as the door opened. time stood still for a second but eventually one after the other we all get attacked by laughter. We all lay there still in laughter, not even knowing why we started laughing in the first place. We all faintly heard footsteps getting louder and louder. We stopped laughing and in fear we waited to see who was there. “Stop Laughing” Libby yelled and we all shot back to laughter again.