August 20

my forever home by gali


the only real physical side of Sammie is that it is a scruffy thing. i know this from this sentence:

I guess they didn’t want a scruffy thing like me messing up their uppity seaside neighborhood.

from this sentence i inferred that Sammie was a stray cat and hadn’t bathed in a very long time.


i personally think that this cat is pretty knows the way that humans around the area it lives are like and makes sure it only goes to the places at night to get the food. it knows if it were to go during the day it would get shooed away.


i believe that Sammie has an optimistic soul and loves playing around. i think that he is like a normal cat he likes cuddling and snuggling. but unlike other cats he is very grateful that he has a family to take care of him.


i think that Sammie is a very kind and playful cat because he likes when the family comes and takes care of him but he also likes his privacy because he said he liked being alone in his new home.


i think thatv Sammie sees that life is harsh but no matter what you will always have a happy ending.


August 12

Charles Reflection

Fact #1 Fiction is All about the character

The main character in this story is Laurie. Laurie abandoned the proper uniform for his school which are overalls and instead wore his scraggy pants and a baseball cap. I think this shows that Laurie is quite misbehaved and doesn’t listen to the rules. He also made up a person that apparently went to his class and said everything that he, himself did was Laurie and his mother only found this out in parent teacher interviews.

Fact #2 Fiction is all about what your character wants

I think that Laurie wants to feel good about himself so makes up Charles so that he can say all the things that he did wrong was Charles. I think that Laurie doesn’t want to fess up to his parents so he makes Charles up to tell his parents what he is wrong but in another way.

Fact #3 Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he wants

I think that Laurie does get what he wants but also doesn’t. he gets what he wants because his parents believe that Charles is doing all those things wrong and they never really question it. he gets what he wants because he feels good about himself. but he also doesn’t get what he wants because when his mother goes to the parent teacher interview she finds out that Charles was actually Laurie.

Fact #4 Fiction is all about how your character changes

There isn’t actually much change in this story because it ends with Laurie’s mother finding out that Charles isn’t real. So we don’t actually know if Laurie repents or if he gets away with it but there is a change in the story like when Laurie comes home saying that Charles became the teacher’s helper. That shows that Laurie changed his behaviour at school.

Fact #5 Fiction is all about the world the author creates

I think that the author made a really relatable world. I think that she made a world where kids Cn relate because its school and home. I feel that these are the 2 places that children spend most of their time at. I think that that’s why the author chose home and school as the setting or “world” to make it moe relatable for children.

This is a world where people can relate. Anyone from anywhere can come here and find that it is just like theirs.

August 6

Steamed Windows Theme Homework

I think 1 of the themes in this story is loss. I felt loss in this story when Alexia said that she loved music but couldn’t hear it anymore.

I think the author is trying to tell us that there are deaf people all around us and all around the world and we should learn to respect them and know that it can happen to you when ever. I saw an example of this when  Alexia and her mother were using the whiteboard as a way to communicate.

I think that people who might connect to this story are people who have been deaf since they were born or tragically lost there hearing some time in their life. i have a connection to this because i watched a video on this boy who was deaf and he had to use sign language to communicate to his friends and family

A part in the story that is figurative is when Alexia is talking about how she can sometimes hear music but its in a sound proof box and she is out side the box.

This is the exact sentence:

It’s the only thing, if I really, really listen I can sometimes hear it, but it’s quiet, muted. It’s like its playing, softly inside a sound proof room and I’m outside the door, sitting and straining to hear. 

When she says its like shes showing that it is an example and that its not the complete truth.

She shows that she wants to hear music again but can’t.

A repeating pattern in this story is that she is always saying she’s deaf and that her whole life has changed because she can’t listen to music. I think it shows that she used to express her self through music but now that she can’t listen to music anymore so she is lost and it shows that she showed her thoughts and opinions through music but no longer can because she can’t listen to music.

I think that what the author is trying to convey is that we should not take anything for granted because we could have our whole life perfect one minute and the next minute we could have it all gone. The author shows this when she said that Alexia woke up from amnesia and felt quite stressed that she could see people talking but she could not hear them. I felt this showed that we should not take our senses for granted and that we should feel very privileged of having our senses.

February 13

2017 start of year letter

Hi Libby and 5/6 A

Little Bit About Myself :

My name is Tiana and my favourite colour is green ad my favourite word is HELLO. I have been going to this school for 1 year. I have made a lot of friends along the way and fitted in nicely. I am very creative and have a big personality but when I have to speak in front of the class I get really nervous. but I love reading even if I am a slow reader I still enjoy it.

My Old School:

My old school didn’t have many opportunities because there were nearly 1000 students. Nobody really got noticed and everyone had a label but my great group of friends helped me when I was felling sad. When I told them that I was going to another school they started crying because we have been friends since prep and they were really sad. I still have their contacts so we can talk.

My Family:

As most of you know I have an older brother called Alex who is 15 and this year he is going to get his learners permit. But that’s only in November. My mum is a little shorty and is only about an inch taller than me but has a big heart and always works hard for my family. She is turning 36 in December. My dad is super tall which explains why he is a builder and again because my dad all the records he is also the oldest. He is turning 39 this year. And last but not least my little sister Bella. She is so cute and is only 3. I’m not sure how old she is in dog years but she is a cocker spaniel. (if you haven’t realised already she is a dog)

My Holiday:

Me and my family went to Mildura on the holidays. Mildura is on the boarder of new south wales and Victoria. We went t this is resort called Sunraysia Resort. It was so fun. There was a swimming pool, a mini golf course, a playground and a whole lot more. My personal favourite was the extra cold pool because it was so hot in Mildura. My tip is if you ever want go there bring your scooter because everyone rides them. These are a few pictures of Mildura.


We stayed there over New Years with another 6 families.

i hope you guys learnt something new about me and enjoyed reading.



November 28

this webinar was about cyber safety.

some things we learnt was that scamming is an important thing to look out for on the internet because there are a lot of hackers that can get into your computer and scam/hack you. 1 thing that they can do is hack into your email. they might and you an email that says you can get an i phone all they need is your bank a count. if you give them the bank a count they might take all your money. they can also put commercials on trusted websites and make you click on them. some strategies you can use to prevent this is to have a stronger password. you could use emoji’s to make it more difficult for the hacker to get in to your email. you could also go onto websites to help you prevent the person. such as ACORN. this website shows you all the latest scams and how to prevent them. lastly i think the webinar had a good structure. they lead it up t a main point and did it a way children could understand. they also used a lot of examples.

May 25

100wc (i got this hat)

i have an umbrella hat. it is gold and blue. the story behind it is weird and ridiculous so shall we start then. well it was a Sunday afternoon and on Monday it was going to be simultaneous reading and we needed a hat. i went to the shops with my mum to see if i had any chance of finding a hat.we went to a shop called the $2 store. we went inside and there i saw the wonderful blue and gold $2 umbrella hat. i begged my mum till i was on my knees. she bought it for me and we went straight home. THE END.

March 2

100wc The door opened and there it was

The door opened and there it was a huge icecream. The icecream sprincled hundreds and thousands every where. Then mum came in and got so scared. She screamed at the icecream and it ran away. Mum was really angry because it got icecream stains all over the carpet. Mum didnt like the ice cream stain so we had to move out of the house. We moved to the house next door. Mum and dad tried to sell our old house but no one wanted to buy it because of the ice cream stain. In the end the house was left empty with no one in it.