December 8

space reflection

do you ever look at pictures of the Earth and moon on google images they are really close to each other. when in actual fact if you get a moon a size of 1 mm by 1 mm and an earth the size of a marble then they would have to be 1 m away to actually line up with the scale . it is the same thing with the solar system . the images look  so close to each other an it is not up to scale. if you put the orbits of the planets up to scale on a piece of paper then the planets would be microscopic. here is actually not an image that shows you accurately what it is like from up there in  space. the only way to see a scale model of the solar system is too build 1. to build an accurate scale of the solar system you need 7 miles (11.2 km) of land and the earth a size of a marble. the sun will be 1.5 m y 1.5 m. mercury would be smaller then a marble and 68 m away from the sun. Venus is the same size as the Earth and 120 m away from the sun . the Earth is the size of a marble and 176 m away from the sun .mars is smaller than Earth and is 269 m away from the sun. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system an dis 920 m away from the sun. Saturn is a planet with a ring around it and is 1.7 km from the sun. Uranus is a planet that is the 3 rd largest planet in our solar system and it is 3.4 km away from the sun. Neptune is the coldest planet in our solar system and it is 5.6 km away from the sun. how to tell that your model is correct is to hold up the model sun, go to the Earths orbit and it should match the size of the re sun from the Earths perspective. i understand that only 24 human species in the Earths entire history have sen the full circle of the Earth. why is Earth the only planet hat has life on it in our solar system.

November 9

space reflection

this video was about how space x was planning to colonize mars. Elon Musk told the world his plan for colonizing mars in mexico. people stampeded their way into the room he was lecturing in.

he told us the first step was to build a rocket ship. first the rocket will be launched into earths orbit because of a big rocket booster. when completed this rocket would be stronger than NASA’s strongest and heaviest rocket SATURN V. the rocket would be powered by 42 raptor engines which is the new better engine that space x has been working on. this rocket runs on methane but you will only find out why later.

so the rocket is launched into the earths orbit with the booster and then the booster with separate from the rocket and come back down to earth. when the booster comes down to earth and quickly gets ready to launch a propellant tank. that tank then docks with the space ship filling it with the gas it needs to mars. musk said it might take 3-5 propellant tank to fully fill the space ships trip.

then the rocket is off t mars. the rocket lands by using its engines to lure itself to the ground. its a technique called supersonic retro propulsion. after letting out the passengers the space ship eventually lift off and come back to earth. where will it get the fuel for that? you might wonder. well hey get it o mars space x is using methane because it can be made from the planets atmosphere.

now my only question is that how will they survive. because mars is even worse than Antarctica. you don’t have food or water in both places but at least in Antarctica you can actually breath. and in which habitats will we live in. also when you go to the moon you get muscle loss. imagine in mars.

i understand that there is not enough room n earth and that people will in the future have to start moving to different planets a  the moon.

October 12

ancient astronomy video reflection

There where manly 3 places that contributed to astronomyin the ancient tmes and in this video. the ancient greeks the babylons and the maya’s. Babylon is a city near modern Baghdad. They were very advanced in astronomy for that time and had a system of writing so that they could record massive volume of astronomical observations which they then used that information to create mathematical models. they then  made calendars that could be used to important things around Babylonia. The Maya’s are a group of mesoamerican Indians. Unfortunately little knowledge about the Maya’s use of astronomy exists because there texts where burnt by the Spanish. i wonder why the spanish burnt the maya’s papers? was it because of a war? a lot of the ancient greeks knowledge came from Hipparchus an Ancient Greek mathematician. He was known as the father of trigonometry and also a great astronomer. i understand that most of our knowledge about astronomy comes from the ancient people.




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