February 27


Hello Libby and 5/6A

My name is Tiana and I am running for SRC in 2017. If you don’t already know what SRC means It means Student Representative Council. Which pretty much already explains it in the name. I think that I would be perfect for this job.

Firstly I would be responsible. Obviously being responsible is a big aspect of being an S.R.C . I have done  this before at my old school which means that I have experience.  because I have been src before I would know what to do. And because of this responsibility younger children would look up to me as a role model which is one of my goals his year that I would like to achieve.

I also have well what I would think are good ideas. Like at my old school I did a lemonade stand and we gained a lot of money. I forgot exactly how much money we gained but I know that because of the lemonade stand we got an extension on our playground.  And I did a weird dress up day. Everyone brought 2 dollars to school . We gained approximately 2000 dollars. So we got a canteen. Still on the topic of ideas I will respect each and every one of your ideas. Which is a promise.

I will be happy to give up my recess and lunch for S.R.C meetings and would be happy to share any of your ideas when I am there. I believe that I could make this school better and I hope that you guys vote for me to be your S.R.C for 2017.


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May 15

class masters speech

boats used to be made of wood but are now made of steel why?

Dear ant and peers. I am here today to tell you why boats are mostly made out of steel and not wood. I will be telling you why.

People started making boats 10 of thousands years ago out of wood because that was the only material they knew how to use.

But people only started to make boats out of steel around 250 years ago because the industrial revolution happened. The industrial revolution is movement in machines that changed peoples life and their methods of manufacture. England began to use machines to make engines.

Boats are made from steel and not wood because steel are stronger and more durable. This is better because on long trips such as delivering large crates from country to country, it can hold more weight and (here’s a thought) In case of a crash, steel is much more capable of enduring damage.

This is a boat that is made of steel and wood. As you can see most of it is steel. most of the time the steel is on the outside because it is stronger and won’t soak up the water as much. The wood is on the inside because wood can be absorbent to water after it takes large amounts of water. So you know how when you put water on wood ,the wood absorbs the water but when you put water on steel it just slides off.

Well sadly we have come to an end i have told you about the industrial revolution, why steel boats might be a better option and a structure of a boat. i hope you learnt something out of my speech and enjoyed it to.

Thanks for listening

(sorry photo didn’t work)

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