July 30

100 wc when all of sudden

on my 5th birthday i had a massive cake with 5 massive candles. when everybody was singing happy birthday i couldn’t wait to blow the candles but before i could i had to make a wish.  i made a wish and then i blew all 5 of the candles. all of sudden Katy who was my best friend started screaming. she had some fire on her t-shirt. now that i look back at it it wasn’t that much fire but because i was 5 i thought it was a lot. everybody was panicking and screaming. Katy eventually got the fire of her t-shirt by pouring her cup of cordial on it.

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July 23

100 word challenge carousal

Dear Diary

I finally lost my job today. This is how it went.

it was nearly the end of work and I was so excited that I could leave these kids when I heard a girl screaming. I ran to her and she was crying on the grass, her parents were already there. while her parents were screaming at me I realized that the horse the girl was on was gone and then all the other kids starting screaming and all the other horse’s left. Everybody called the police and it was on the news and everything. In the end they shut the carousal down and I lost my job.

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July 10

Prickly Pear Cactus Project Reflection

In term 2 we learnt about adaptations and how and why animals and plants have them. Adaptations are changes in the body to fit a location. At the end of the term we got paired up with someone who is in your class. I got paired up with Evan. In the project we had to choose and animal or plant. We choose the Prickly Pear Cactus. In the project we had to research, the adaptations, the habitat the plant lives in, the behavioural changes and

This is my 3,2,1 reflection on what I learnt in my science project about adaptations.

3 interesting facts about the prickly pear cactus

– the roots grow horizontally not vertically like a tree does so that it can get water quicker

– they live for over 30 years and can be grow up to 2 metres high

–  the prickly pear cactus is the most common cactus in Texas

2 understandings

-If the prickly pear cactus didn’t have its spikes then it wouldn’t be able to survive because its predators will eat it

– if the prickly pear cactus needed a lot of water then it wouldn’t be able to survive in the Sonoran Desert

1 wonder

-how did the prickly pear cactus come to Australia and Africa when it is originally from Texas

What was the most important thing I learnt?

-I learnt. You have to learn to trust your partner and do all of the work. I feel that in my project I lost my trust of my partner because he was constantly not doing his work but in the end I did gain his trust again and that taught me that nothing is perfect and life is a roller coaster.

How I learnt that

-I learnt this by sharing out the job. when I couldn’t do something I gave my partner the job and when he couldn’t do something he gave me the job. This gave us trust. Once you lose your trust I someone it can wreck your relationship with that person and that is why you need to trust in your partner when you are doing a class project.

What will I do with what I learnt

-In the future I will use this skill to help me in other school projects. I will make sure that I will use this skill when I am working with some one that I don’t really bond well with or someone I don’t really know.

Overall no matter how many ups and downs I had I found this subject on adaptations really interesting and I learnt a whole bunch of new things about plants and animals.

June 4

100 Word Challenge

Yesterday I was brushing my hair by myself  in the bathroom because my mum was sleeping . A lot of my hair fell out as per usual and all I did was plonked it in the toilet as my mother usually did when she brushed my hair. I went to go flush the toilet and a few seconds after I flushed it the water just splashed out. It got all over the floor and my hair and just everywhere. I tried to stop it but the water kept gushing out. My mother woke up to the sound and came in. She called my dad and he had to fix it. Moral of the story : I got grounded.

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June 1

B.T.N Coding School

this B.T.N  was about how a school called Aberfoyle Park High School are getting coding lessons twice a week every week and have been really improving. they code on tablets using a coding language called python using an app called pythonista. they need the work in teams to create a game that is not only creative but also challenging and having a reason. 

so far this school has gotten seven registered games on the app store to get anyone around the world can play. now it is the first school in the world to be registered as a developer under it’s own name. 

the teachers in this school are hoping that these coding lessons will help their students in the future when technology will be way ahead of its time and they will be professional coders.

why is coding so confusing  ?

i understand that coding is a big part of the world and that every kid should learn more about it 

personally i think that this is a great idea and that every school should have coding lessons. i think that schools should have the opportunity to do coding if that is there taste.





personal opinion

May 28


For thousands of years humans have been gazing into space and looking at stars wondering if there is life out there.  But we don’t have the technology to do that. So we send messages into space to let them now that we are here. The first message was sent to space in 1962 to Venus. We still haven’t gotten a response from that. Then in 1974 scientists in america used 2 different radio frequencies to transmit a code from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. This message will take approximately 25,000 years to get to its destination, and then if an alien does receive it, it would take another 25,000 years to get back to Earth. 

That hasn’t stopped us from trying different ways to send messages. A golden disc was sent out to space. It contains whale noises and greeting in 55 different languages. There has also been a chip commercial and a Beatles song sent into space.

Why don’t we know that there are Aliens? 

How would the Aliens receive messages?

I understand that they send messages in different frequencies.





May 28

100 Word Challenge

Henry loved burgers. Every day he would get a burger after school and get a triple patty cheese burger. He loved that burger and he would get so angry if he didn’t get one every day. One day his mum came to pick him up from school to go to the dentist. When they got to the dentist they had to wait for a long time. Henry was starting to get angry because he hadn’t gotten his burger yet. Finally the dentist called his name and Henry  went to the check up room with his mum. A few moments later the dentist backed away with a sad face.

”I’m sorry Henry you can’t eat hamburgers anymore,”

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May 24

science adaptations

Adaptations = Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment.

I learnt that animals have many adaptations in different environments. Salt water crocodiles are cold blooded. They stay still in one spot to keep heat. They also stay still to camouflage. Salt water crocodiles can go without food for more then 12 months.

In adaptations I would like to learn more about what makes the animals adapt to the area. Is it the evolution over time? Is it how they were born from the start? How long does it take for them to adapt to different climates?

link to the sea life aquarium:


May 21

100 word challenge

my goal : to not rush into the ending really quickly.

Yesterday I was on the news. I was at the orange lake . From the name you can tell what it is. There is a rocky cliff thing that was hanging over it and it was so wide. Well I was their with my dad and about 30 minutes after we came he whole thing collapsed. Luckily we didn’t get hurt but a crocodile was stuck under their. The zoo came and took the crocodile. 7 news quickly rushed over and started videoing us. When we got home we saw the news and it was called ”father and daughter saw orange lake fall within

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